I'm a Ph.D. candidate in theoretical computer science at Boston University, under the excellent supervision of Ran Canetti. For the spring semester of 2023, I'm visiting the Simons Institute for the theory of computing at UC Berkeley, where I'll be a full time participant of the meta-complexity program.

- I research algorithmic and complexity-theoretic aspects of computational learning and cryptography.
- I am especially interested in formalizing relationships (equivalences, dichotomies, synergies etc.) between constructions from these areas.
- Recently, I have taken interest also in meta-complexity, and security and responsibility issues in machine learning and AI.

Research Papers

Teaching Fellowships

Select Talks

  • "New Approaches to Heuristic PAC-Learning vs. PRFs" - Lower Bounds, Learning, and Average-case Complexity Workshop at Simons Institute, Feb 2023 Simons talk
  • "The Limits of Provable Security Against Model Extraction" - Privacy Preserving Machine Learning Workshop at Crypto, Aug. 2022 PPML talk
  • "Covert Learning: How to Learn with an Untrusted Intermediary" - Charles River Crypto Day at MIT, Nov. 2021 Crypto day talk
  • "Covert Learning: How to Learn with an Untrusted Intermediary" - Theory of Cryptography Conference, Nov. 2021 TCC talk
  • "How to Learn with an Untrusted Intermediary" - the Workshop on Local Algorithms (WOLA), May 2021 poster